What Would You Have Done?

This video has been around awhile, but, it is worth watching.

It is a little long, but worth the time. If you can, make your whole crew and all of your officers watch this. It really is something that will make you stop and think.

I know the first time I saw this I couldn’t figure out what they were doing and why they were taking their sweet time.

They were smart and hopefully you will be too. This is a great learning tool and please watch the whole video.

Thanks and stay safe. Please be careful out there.


  • Bill Carey says:

    This is always a good video to reinforce a few engine company tips: sizeup; don’t rush; communication; reach of the stream.

    Taking a few seconds to get the details from the big picture can keep us from dropping into the basement. Here are some more thoughts off this video, and basements, Its all in the basement

  • T-Bone says:

    Good catch by the lineman. His experiance must have kicked in, and alarm bells went off in his head.

    Not sure exactly how it all went down in the beginning, but doing a 360 of the house may have caught the basement fire, identified hazards, and given the engine boss an idea of how much line is needed for the stretch.

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