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I am not going to add any commentary here since I don’t know the entire story behind why or how this has all transpired.  I did my best with the email that I received and the image of the letter.

If you want a better copy, email me and I will forward it to you.

Stay safe and be careful.

I tried to copy the image and it did not work, it was too tiny.

The letter is dated January 22, 2010 to Bob Barger, DFBLS from Arizona State Fire Marshal Phil Mele.

Please accept this memorandum as my formal notice of retirement from State service effective March 26, 2010.

I could not have imagined a better way to end 33-year career in the Arizona Fire Service than I have experienced working for you and with the dedicated staff of the State Fire Marshal’s Office.

During my tenure as State Fire Marshal, I believe, the true critical nature of the position was being recognized, by the state’s fire service and public we serve.  The mission of the Office of the State Fire Marshal does, in fact, provide for the public safety through its fire prevention responsibilities as well as in the education and training of the State’s firefighters.

I leave with the belief that the State must recognize this responsibility and the significance of our mission.  The recognition must also provide continued support of the activities of Office of the State Fire Marshal for the benefit of Arizona’s citizens and firefighters.

Thanks you for giving me the opportunity to serve the citizens and firefighters of Arizona.”

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  • James Rosse says:

    The best time to fight a fire is before it starts, and that’s what his job was.

    The fact that it’s hard to measure an absence of danger, has everything to do with it. I can only imagine what is coming to Arizona now.

    Lt James Rosse
    South Schodack Fire Department

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