Who Should be at the Tip?

I think these two firefighters have their roles reversed.
I think these two firefighters have their roles reversed.


These two firefighters need to switch their roles.  The one on the bottom of the ladder appears ready to go.

The one at the top in the window with fire above his head does not appear to have an SCBA on.  At least I don’t see it on his back.

Wearing yous PPE completely and correctly is and should be mandatory.

There is fire above this firefighter and they are taking part in suppression efforts.  He is at risk RIGHT NOW!

The firefighter should and probably does know better. But, that is why we need competent fire officers, to tell firefighters that get in too big of a hurry or forget, to put on their PPE.

Safety on the fire ground is everyone’s responsibility.  It starts with us personally and then on to the officers.

Stand up and make safety a priority all the time.  Stay safe and remember, EGH!


  • Fire Critic says:

    This is a problem that I have written about several times. One thing I don’t get is why people stand up for these activities. One post I wrote was titled something like “If you don’t use it,just take it off”. Some guys just don’t get it.

    Some think I am preaching safety. I am not. I don’t like to preach safety. I like to talk about working smarter. There is no sense in breathing in the smoke and gases that the SCBA is supposed to inhibit us from breathing in.

    I see this photo as you do, they need to switch positions. AND, the one without SCBA should at least have it on so that he can go to work in an IDLH if needed.

  • dc802 says:

    I agree, if people would operate smart, there would be no need for safety disucssions. Smarter is safer, I couldn’t agree more.
    Thanks for looking and posting, stay safe.

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