Row Houses

Multiple exposure fire.

Multiple exposure fire.

This is a great scenario for us to look at. It has a great deal that needs to be addressed.

Now, I understand that not every jurisdiction has this type of occupancy, but let’s use our imaginations.

We can gather  a pretty good deal of information just from the picture.

Now, let’s go to work.  I’m not going to ask specific questions of what you would do, you all have a pretty good idea of what we are looking for.  List your tactical considerations and how your going to use your crews.

Since it is Sunday, I am going to give you all the resources you need.

Get started and share you knowledge.

Stay safe and train hard.

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  • R-Fr says:

    I want 4 Engines, 3 Ladders, Rescue and 2 Chiefs. So whatever alarm system is used that is what I want initially. 1 3/4″ stretched into fire buidling and advanced to fire. Topside vent on fire building. Search of fire building. Truck open up for extension. 1 3/4″ line stretched in to top floor of Exposure 2(B) with a ladder company opening up for extension. Search of this building. 1 3/4″ stretched into Exposure 4(D) with Ladder Company members checking for extension here as well. Search of this building. I could go on about each position and/or company at a task level but you asked for tactical considerations and use of resources.

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