Fire Growth vs. Resources

This is a good example of the need for more resources. It concerns me when I see lines in a building and there is nobody at the entry point for a back up.

In addition, we are constantly training on coordinated attacks. We have no available crews for ventilation or search and rescue that I can see.

There are no crews for RIT or to secure utilities. How about keeping the civilians out of harms way?

There are other issues with this scene, but I will let you discuss the tactical side of things.

Let’s look at this video in two ways. First, how would your department tackle this fire with your typical response? Let’s pretend that we don’t know the status of occupants. Whatever your department gets is what you get.

Second, discuss your concerns with how this went down. I am not going to beat up on any department, this department looks to be short staffed and doing the best with what they have. But, I am willing use it as a learning tool. So, where is there room for improvement?

Thanks for taking a look. Stay safe and train hard.

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