Multiple Story I-Joists Floors

I-joists are everywhere!

I-joists are everywhere!

This is a picture of a multiple story house being built with engineered i-joists.

We have posted, and probably will continue to do so, pictures of these i-joist on the main level.  Those pictures have been associated with text that tells of firefighters falling into basements.

Just remember that when you go to the second floor to search with fire below you, that second or third story floor is made of these i-joists.  You have to be just as diligent above the main floor as you are on it.

The use of TIC’s are appropriate and should be used, but not solely depended on.  Have good situational awareness and try to coordinate all searches with suppression and ventilation.

Be careful and don’t get complacent.

Thanks again for checking us out, stay safe.

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