Frozen Firefighters

Make sure you wear your hat and gloves!

Make sure you wear your hat and gloves!

With winter in full swing I thought I would post a pic that illustrates just how bad it can get.

I am sure some have been in worse, and if you have some pictures send them in and we’ll post them.

As you can see, things can get rough when it is really cold.  Nozzles freeze up, hoses get difficult to move around, pumps freeze, and surfaces get very slick.

Slick is an understatement for this picture.  Use extreme caution when operating on icey surfaces.  Especially elevated surfaces like roofs.  Maybe wear ladder belts when you normally wouldn’t.  Keep some webbing in your pocket, use it to secure yourself to the roof ladder or other fixed object.

Just be extra careful.  On the ground, keep some ice-melt or salt on the trucks to spread around.  You might have to call in public works to put down large quantities of salt if you are on a road or out for a long incident.

Bottom line, be careful.  Stay safe.

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