The Origins

The Beginning

The Beginning

Since starting this blog, I have been asked what exactly “A Firefighter’s Own Worst Enemy” means.  Well, it means a great deal.

First let’s start with the logo since it came last.  The logo is a devil. I had plans to make him wear a fire helmet, but, it just took away from the look I wanted.  But, what he is doing is stirring the pot.

We have those guys and gals that like nothing better than to keep tension and discord in the firehouse. If they can take a jab at someone or bring up a topic that is for sure to get someone irritated, they seem to be the go-to guy.

These people, in a sense, become their own worst enemy in those regards. We have all done something or said something that has harmed not only others, but ourselves as well.  For some of us it becomes a way of life; we ruin our own advancement or good times because we just don’t learn from our past.

You have the guy that is sharp. I mean if you want to know something out of the essentials guide or on technical issues, he can tell you right then and there.  He knows his stuff.  You never have to worry about him on a call because he does things by the book and is efficient and safe.

But, he has done it all, seen it all and been there for some yours too.  The guy just doesn’t let anyone have a say or have a moment.  If you did something great, he has done the same thing only on  bigger scale. You know who I am talking about right?

As an old battalion chief of mine would say, “He’s his own worst enemy.”  This chief would tell me this all of the time and it never really clicked until I got some years on.  The  more kitchen table sessions I was part of the more I realized what he was talking about.

In the fire service, most of the time, we make our own problems. We make our own mistakes, not once, but over and over again.  So, I created a class that delves into this on several levels.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to transcribe my class right here, right now.  But, the overall purpose for this blog is to bring attention to where we screw up and to hopefully illustrate how not to do some things to keep us safe.

So, that is how the idea came about. It involves more than just firehouse dynamics.  It includes what we do on the fireground and the two intermingle.

Thanks for visiting and tell your friends. I will add to my story as time goes by, but it is not very exciting.  I am only telling this part because so many have asked.

I appreciate all of you who have commented and sent supportive well wishes.  Without those of you who read us, we would not be here.  So, until next time, stay safe and be careful.


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