Lending a Hand?

This is not good!
This is not good!

This is when getting out in the neighborhood really pays off.  Sure, someone could notify you about this, but it is so much better when you just stumble across something like this.

I don’t know how this was discovered, but some firefighters thought enough of it to snap some photos.

Getting around and looking at your response area is always a good thing. We have found hydrants out of service that we were not notified about, streets that were closed for repairs and new construction that nobody knew about.

This situation is dangerous without being on fire.  Notify your fire marshal, chief and dispatch center to get these two properties flagged.  It is obvious that the building on the left is in trouble. But, if we have to respond to the sturdy property on the right, the one on the left could still cause us problems.

Be aware and know your response area.  Be careful out there.

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