More From Arizona–Yikes!

Here is more on the situation in Arizona.  I have attached the letter from the Fire Marshal.

Things are getting crazy out there.  Be careful and we  need to rally the troops and fight these cuts.  Some of these programs are crucial for training and resources.




Read this letter, it is frightening what is happening.

Stay safe and be careful.


  • James Rosse says:

    It’s actually very simple. The politicians have code-enforced homes, and probably live in places where they have sufficient fire protection. Cutting the budgets for the fire services won’t really affect them, and if it does, they have good insurance, and will be able to replace everything with new stuff, while they live in a hotel as their home is replaced.

    Of course, if you live in substandard housing, you can’t afford apartment insurance, and have a land-lord who’s more interested in paying off the inspector than fixing his problems.

  • dc802 says:

    Very true. I’m not sure they have considered the long-term affect this could have on training for departments that depend on those programs and the other resources that state fire marshals typically provide.

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