Chief on Scene and In the Smoke

Chief, where are you supposed to be?
Chief, where are you supposed to be?


Hey, Chief, get out of the way.  I applaud the effort and the fact that you want to go get it, but we need you back away so you can keep a watchful eye over your guys.

Every chief has had the urge to get a little smokey every now and then, but we need to know our responsibility.

First of all, this chief is also close to the IDLH, breathing that smoke is not good for you.  Although the fire is vented out the roof, we could still see a flash fire out the front door where the chief is standing.

Second, we need him commanding or doing the function he was assigned.  Nothing wrong with an aggressive chief, but remember your safety and tasks.

We all have been here, nobody is exempt. Remember, you set the example, so try to stay out of these situations.  Again, this is just a picture and this guy may have only been there for 10 seconds, but that might be all it takes.

Stay safe and be careful out there.  No offense chiefs, I have to include you in these posts too.


  • lobro says:

    Is that a SCOTT he’s gettin ready to throw over his shoulders…kinda hard to tell. Remember, we send in chiefs as part of fire attack routinely. Maybe there’s another chief in command out on the street and this one’s goin in…but ya, I see what your saying about being in the stuff without protection–just thought I’d give another angle of why he might not be in “command”.

  • dc802 says:

    Thanks for the post. You’re right about assignments, it is not uncommon for this to happen. The main point is about the PPE. It was also an easy cheap shot at us chiefs.

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