Kitchen Table Tactics 1-11-2010

Where do you start?
Where do you start?

This fire is working, hard.  It seems pretty straight forward, but let’s take a look at it anyway.

You are the first arriving engine with a three person crew.

Your second due is 7 minutes away.  Water supply is limited but available about 250 from the home.  You have a report that the callers are not sure everyone is out of the home.  (Caller is down the block.)  Time of day is 6:30AM.

What do you do?

Are there any special considerations?

Post here and comment.  Get your morning coffee and pull the crew together and get a little Kitchen Table Tactics training in.

Stay safe and have a great day.


  • Pat Sullivan says:

    Initial Scene size up shows heavy fire in the attached garage portion of the home (note the garage door opening in the left side of the building). There is also a vehicle in the driveway in front of the gargage that is beginning to be involved. The vehicle in the drive adds to the concern that this may be an occupied dwelling. The fire is already vented and the prevailing winds seem to be working in our favor. Upon arrival I would strike a second alarm with request for additional water resources (tanker). Life Safety is priority one. I would make forcible entry to the front of the house with a hose team to conduct rapid primary search then commence interior attack with a 2 1/2. First arriving rescue or truck tasked to search and rescue. 2nd due engine to support fire suppression and focus on the car.

  • The garage is gone, the car is not a priority, my focus is on defending the interior stairway to allow a search. 1 3/4″ attack line while the operator gets water supply, advise next in companies to deploy large lines and fight this from the inside back out the way it’s coming in.
    First truck can complete the search and pull ceilings near the shared wall to make sure it doesn’t get up behind us in the hallway and stairs. If the search yields an all clear, we aggressively push this fire back out he garage.

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