Upcoming Presentation by Bobby Halton

Sullivan Fire Protection District
Chief Bobby Halton, (ret.)
Editor of Fire Engineering Magazine
“Fireground Mental Agility”
March 5, 2010
Sullivan Fire Protection District
House 5
Chief Halton will discuss:
The Status of America’s Fire Service Chief Halton will review our current status; the theory of Drift in to Failure will be reviewed as well common Perceptions and Realities surrounding the common elements in firefighter fatalities.
Fire dynamics for the Fireground: Chief Halton will discuss the latest research in fire dynamics and how to apply the science to your structure fire tactics.
Learning from the Experiences of Others: This section reviews several case studies and Chief Halton will explain why it seems we continue to repeat the same errors. A New View of Human Error will be presented to improve our ability to learn from others events.
Naturalistic decision making, situation awareness and expertise: Chief Halton will present the latest research in the field of naturalistic decision making and what it mean in terms of developing fireground expertise in company officers and incident commanders.
$50 per person limited to the first 100 registered.
Lunch provided

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