Kitchen Table Tactics 1-10-10

What building characteristics do you see right away?
What building characteristics do you see right away?

Sometimes you can tell a lot about a building before you every get inside of it.

Use this picture to identify some basic characteristics about this house as the first arriving company.

As the first arriving company officer, you have a great number of responsibilities. You decide the type of attack your going to use. The size line that will be deployed.  You decide where the line goes or where you start your search if victims are suspected.

All of these things plus some others are all decisions swimming inside that first officers head when pulling up to a working fire.

Let’s say you are that first arriving officer.  Ignore the firefighters in the photo and explain what you have, how you would proceed and why.

Some of the things I want to ask about specifically are:

  • Where are the stairs?
  • What kind of construction is this?
  • Based on the construction, what considerations are there for us tactically?
  • Where do you initiate your attack?
  • What is your first line off in regards to size?

Add additional comments, thoughts and ideas.  These little scenarios are for everyone to learn from one another and discuss with your crews.  Especially in this kind of weather, it is tough to get outside to train. So, here we can take a picture of a house fire, regardless of what is shown in the photo, make it our fire and share our tactical ideas.

Take care and stay safe.  Be careful and train hard.

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