More Roof Ops

Is there anything we are forgetting here?
Is there anything we are forgetting here?

First, let me make it clear, I was looking for a picture I have of a crew working on the roof the correct way when I came across this one.

I know, we have beat the first Roof Ops post to death and if you don’t want to post on this one, I understand.  I just figured while we were on the topic I would throw this one out there while I had it.

I know that there is not a lot of smoke, and the pitch is shallow and it doesn’t look like a great deal is going on.  I know I am going to hear about how this is nit-picking and whatever.  But, this is how we get hurt and killed.

It’s when we let our guard down and get complacent that bad things happen.  How many times have read a line of duty death or injury report and asked, “what were they thinking?”

I will find the picture with the correct way to operate on a roof safely and post it to show I am not just showing the bad stuff.  It’s just so easy to find.

Anyway, stay safe and be careful.

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