Green Roofs and Fire Operations

How do you ventilate vertically? Or do you?
How do you ventilate vertically? Or do you?

Since we had so much interest in the last green roof post, I thought it would fun to see what kind of tactical considerations would come from this picture.

I believe this is a domestic house based solely from the American flag flying proudly. Not a sure thing, but likely.  This could be in any one of our jurisdictions and I can honestly say I have had no formal training about this issue.

How would you take on this house if you pulled up to it on a working fire with some fire and smoke showing? To make it more interesting, you have victims trapped in the upper floor, confirmed by occupants who escaped from the main level.

What to do, what to do?  Huge vent problem?

Let us know how you would react. If you have prior experience, please share.

Stay safe and train hard.

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