Large Residential Homes

Big Houses

Most jurisdictions have an area or two that have these semi-mansions in them. These larger homes are all built with light-weight construction and they burn fast.

Additionally, our typical hose lays may not reach all parts of the home and search and rescue operations will take longer than in a 1000-2000 square foot house.  We have to prepare and train for these changes.

Doing a 360 of the building is a must. We have to know what we are dealing with on all sides. We may find a better, more appropriate entry point or see that we have a walk out basement to contend with.

Train for these fires, get used to knowing how much air you have available and how much you use when your stretching hose and doing searches. Some of the same techniques used for commercial fires can be deployed on these residential fires.

The use of skid loads can help gain more line from the front door. Using a search rope can help get in and out easier and safer.  Just use common sense and be prepared.

Try to get out to these places while they are being built just to see the layout and size of these homes.  A little familiarity may go a long way.

Stay safe and try to keep warm, it’s freezing.

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