Kitchen Table Tactics 01/01/10

{013B1687-AD5E-4340-A76D-9145FE4438FE}It’s difficult to tell from the picture how many floors are on this building, but it is at least 3 or 4 above ground level.

We can make some assumptions about how this building is occupied; store fronts on ground level and residential tenant spaces above, maybe some storage immediately above the store fronts. This obviously creates some challenges for us and our operations.

Although you individually may not be able to make it around this building, you need to get units on every side looking for possible victims.

  • What are the life safety issues we have here and how will you address them?
  • Where and how do you implement your suppression operations?
  • What about venting the upper floors?
  • What other concerns do you have here?

Take some time to go over this and report back and share your discussions. Have a Happy and Safe New Year.

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