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Painted Sprinkler Heads

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Doing a thorough inspection on remodels could prevent something like this. This is a safety issue for both the occupants and firefighters.

Secondary Means of Escape

Operating on the roof during a building fire requires us to have a secondary means of escape. This will likely be the responsibility of crews on the ground. But, if resources are such, the vent team may need to place both sets of ladders prior to making the roof.

Bare Wires and Styrofoam

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Bare wires and Styrofoam don’t mix. Don’t let this kind of wiring go on inspections. Stay alert out there.

More From Arizona Fire Marshal

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A letter from the Arizona Fire Marshal.

What Would You Have Done?

This video is important for all to see. The end result here could have been tragic. Please watch these firefighters and what transpires.

More Than Just an Electrical Problem

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Situational awareness and doing your 360 will prevent bad things from happening on a fire in a house like this.

They’re Here!

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The new t-shirts are here. We have had many requests, so buy ’em up and be the first on your department to have one.

Company Discussion

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On what appears to be routine fires, there are challenges always lurking. You must use caution and control in making your tactical decisions.

How Do You Place Your Apparatus?

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Placing apparatus is important to keep crews inside safe and the operator safe. Take time to think about where you are placing your equipment.

Heavy Timber and Open Junction Boxes

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These old buildings are almost extinct and most that are still around are not occupied anymore. But, the one’s that are still need to follow the code. Take a look at the heavy timber construction and the open junction boxes.

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