Safety, Safety, Safety!

Is he wearing everything he should be?

Is he wearing everything he should be?

This should be obvious to most who look at this picture. We have a fully charged house fire and we are venting. There is no doubt that venting this structure is appropriate.

We have a vent guy on the stoop roof with what looks to be a good tool and I think I see an SCBA?

But, what have we been taught about pressurized structures full of heat and smoke? What about the plume exiting the window above the stoop? The vent guy should have a mask on.

I am sure firefighters all over this great country have done this a thousand times, but, that one time that the smoke flashes as it relieves itself, this guy is inhaling super-heated gases. It might be the day we have a LODD or career ending injury.

Chiefs and officers, make sure your people are wearing their PPE when in or near an IDLH. Let’s practice safety in every aspect of our jobs while still doing our jobs effectively. The best way to do this is to train every shift and learn our craft as best we can. Stay safe and be careful.

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