More PIV’s

These PIVs are on the same property.  There is only one system in the building but there are two PIVS and two hydrants.

The owner cannot tell us if the building had different systems. My suspicion is that one building is older, which we know, and had a separate system.  The other system was built later and added on to.  We do know that both are open and they get tested annually for inspection.

However, be aware of these on other properties. It very well may mean that there are two systems at work.

You need to make sure which on is which and that they are both OPEN.  Just a note, the FDC you see in the first picture is the only one on site. There is not an FDC at the the other PIV and hydrant and as you can see, the other PIV is behind a fence along with the hydrant that is near it. Have a great day.

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