Keokuk, Iowa: Ten Years Ago Remembered

keokuk Photos By Cindy Iutzi
It was ten years ago today that Keokuk, Iowa lost three of it’s own in a two-family residential fire. In addition to the LODD there were also three children that perished in the fire as well.  There is a great deal of information about this fire and the events that led to the LODD of three firefighters.  During and after the NFPA and NIOSH reports, the Keokuk Fire Department has been extremely transparent and willing to share their story so that other fire organizations will not have to deal with such a loss.  Click the two links and read the reports and share with your personnel what happen in Keokuk. We have a responsibility to take these tragic events and learn from them to ensure that an event like this doesn’t happen again.  Remember the Keokuk Fire Department and all of the families affected by this fire in your prayers and thoughts during this time and stay safe out there.

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