Company Discussion 1: Responses

Here are some of the things that I see from this picture and that should be discussed with your company in resoponse to the questions posed.
The general condition of the outside likely is the same on the inside which could make entry and advancement of an attack difficult.  With a large amount of “stuff” in a house like this, it could also hamper rescue efforts, disorient firefighters and make egress difficult.  The 360 is important to look for victims at windows, the multi-level of this house can cause some confusion when on the interior and for ladder placement.  The walk around can also help in locating the fire for a faster attack and more precise ventilation.  The ladder placement is okay.  Ladders for the roof should try not to cover an upper window so that additional ladders may be used for an egress point for interior crews. In addition, we would want ladders on the rear of the house as well and we must take care not to pull the hose around these ladders and knock them over.  Smoke and fire conditions is telling us we likely have a fire that has gotten into the attic already.  Smoke appears to be heaviest on the B/C side of the building but we have fire showing from the attic vent on side D. There must be the assumption that the roof is compromised depending on time elapsed.  This house appears to have a living room on side A/B, likely with a kitchen on B/C and the bedrooms above the lower level garage. With this being a split level house, there could be bedrooms below the living room on the lower level as well.  The stairs would likely be at the front door going up and down.  These are just likely observations and each crew may have their own thoughts. Sit with your people and discuss these situations. These are great for the winter and bad weather. Hey instead of discussing politics or fishing first thing in the morning, how about one of these scenarios?

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