Wear Your PPE!

We can see that there is a working fire at this building.  It is very likely a good choice to vertically ventilte this building. However, how a commanding officer could allow his people to put themselves in this situation is unacceptable.

There are at least two firefighters on this roof with smoke and fire below them and neither appears to be wearing an SCBA.  This is how we get ourselves killed.  As officers we have a responsibility to ensure that our people are safe and operate safe.  How many times have we heard a Captain say “I’ve done my job if everyone gets home after the shift.”?  Well, that is tough when you don’t make you crews wear their SCBA while venting a roof.

As for the firefighters, they should know better. We are taught early on in our training that you wear ALL of your PPE.  This is one of many reasons why Firefighters are their Own Worst Enemy.  Stay tuned for more and send your pictures or videos for similar events. For those on the East Coast, stay safe in the winter wonderland coming your way.  As alway, be aware of you situation and stay safe.

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