Ladder Placement

This is a good working fire and I can see mutliple hose lines going into the structure. It is unfortunate that it is a fire that is ruining someone’s Christmas. With that being said, it is good to see some ladders on this structure since it appears there are crews upstairs.

To the left of the picture I can see a ladder on the porch and another one on the “D” side next to the third story window. Now, there are a couple things that I would like to point out. First, as a first arriving company officer, you have to take a walk around this building. Look for building characteristics, fire and smoke conditions and the possibility of victims hanging out rear windows on upper floors.

Second, look at the ladder on side “D”, could we have placed it in a better location? Not being there, I don’t know what there plans were, but the ladder may be better served for crews inside by being placed just below the sill of the top floor window. This would better allow crews to exit safely and quickly onto the ladder if conditions change and it will assist in the lowering of a victim if one is found.

Remember, if the ladder tip is too far into the window space, it takes up room that could be used by a firefighter to exit. Keep that tip below the sill giving all of the window space to the crews inside.  Stay safe and train hard.

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  • Mike says:

    Looking at the photo there should be MANY more ladders. Smoke visible on 2 of 3 stories, ladders to each floor and roof ( at least 2 ladders to the roof for access and egress. Keep in the back of your mind that if you place a ladder somewhere to let command know so that the radio communication can be made on the fireground channel so that EVERYONE knows where the ladders are incase of emergency exit. hard to tell from this angle, but leave room for the Ladder Truck in front if you can to get the stick in the air if needed.

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