1964 Indiana Nursing Home Fire

On this day in 1964, a nursing in Fountaintown, Indiana caught fire around 3:00AM.  A nurse reportedly saw the fire in the kitchen and hall way and started screaming for everyone to get out.

The first state troopers on the scene stated that the fire moved very fast throughout the first floor and that although there were 10 people upstairs that were ambulatory, they never had a chance to get out.  The fire chief at the time stated that the facility had been carefully inspected, but it is uncertain from media exactly what codes were established for the inspections.  At least 20 people died and others were transported for burns.

Nursing facilities and assisted living facilities have great potential for loss of life from fire for the simple fact that the residents, atlhough maybe mobile, they are slow to react and cannot move with speed.  Under stressful situations they also get easily flustered and confused.  Make sure you inspect these facilities and make sure safety violations are corrected.

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