Special Events, Watch for Them

On this day in 1961, not that long ago, a circus tent caught fire in Niterói, Brazil.  The fire killed 323 people including many children. It is suspected that a disgruntled worker set the fire, but that has been disputed by some. It is another example why we have codes and permits for these special events.
We all like the circus and many do charity events that help the community, but we have to make sure our citizens are protected while at these events. Ask for information on the material used for the tent to see if it is fire retardent. Identify that there are enough exits, exit lights and emergency lighting and make sure the occupant load is complied with.  Don’t look at these membrane structures as a passing through event that doesn’t need inspected. Be aware and diligent.  Keep your community safe and keep yourself safe, inspect these places.

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