Walking on Fire

Okay, does this cause panic in anybody else? What I see here is some very bad decision making. Most codes would not allow this.

First, the hanging streamers I’m sure are not class A finishes. Second, the candles are all in the aisles which are part of the means of egress.

You have to really watch this in churches and places that have weddings and similar events. This time of year candles are ablaze for Christmas and other holidays and they are very often placed in the aisles and corridors.  We met with the local churches and have disallowed this practice for many years now.

Each jurisdiction can make their own decision, but putting open flames in places of assembly and in the exit acces aisles is pushing your luck and typically against the fire code.  A practice that we started some years back was performing our fire inspection for churches in December to try and eliminate these situations.

In addition, many of these occupancies will have holiday events that bring an abnormally high occupant load. We have witnessed folding chairs placed in aisles, completely blocking some egress aisles altogether along with over crowding. If this is the case, suggest multiple shows or events, which is what one church has done.  This time of year can be tricky and dangerous. Stay diligent and keep your people safe.

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