How Many Does It Take?

Now I don’t know exactlly what is going on here, but just from the photo I would guess that they are pushing the limits of this porch.  It appears that the building is of an advanced age the possibility of some rotten members are good.

Since there are firefighters on this roof and the brick is black, I am guessing that the building had a fire in it.  Some have tanks on, som don’t, but it looks like the major body of fire is knocked down. Back to the porch, does anyone else have an issue with this?  I wasn’t there, but we need to consider these things. You can see another firefighter on ground, below the porch and what might be a police officer actually under the porch canopy.  We have had porches collapse at fires and seriosly injure firefighters and we have had overhangs kill our people.

Do we need all of those people on that porch, and if we do, we should probably not have anyone under it.  Just be aware of your surroundings.  We all have a role in scene safety and should be empowered to point these issues out to keep everyone safe.  Stay safe and train hard.

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