Bowstring Trusses

Most of you know what this is.  This is a picture of a building with bowstring trusses.  We have all heard about the dangers of these buildings and how they can collapse quickly during a fire.

Many of these buildings have large storage capacities and in many cases are used as automotive repairs and sales shops.  The quantity of combustibles and flammables can be large, greatly increasing fire intesity, thus making the failure more imminent.  Make sure that you are aware of these buildings and plan accordingly before there is a fire.  I can’t impress enough, even if you don’t have an official inspection program, you can still look at these buildings during regular business hours.

In most cases, the owner is not going to say a whole lot if you explain that you are just familiarizing yourself with the building so you know how best to handle an incident at their business. We talk on that another time, but get out and see what is in your area.  As always, stay safe.

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