Outside Storage Hazards

This a picture of some storage tanks at an implement sales and repair facility.  These are located in the rear of the property and are not easily seen from the A,B and D sides, which are where you would access the property and the building.  They are close enough though to be considered exposures and must be protected.

In addition, there is an emergency shut off that could be important in the event of a vehicle or mobil equipment fire near the tanks and pump.  To the rear of these tanks is natural vegetation that could pose an exposure problem during a natural cover fire impinging on the tanks.  This is a reason for accurate and thorough preplanning.

You may also notice the tanks are in recovery bins for leaks.  If there are small leaks that go unnoticed, the recovery bins could produce enough vapor to ignite under the right circumstances.  Be aware of not only the building, but what is around it as well.  Stay safe.

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