Know What’s Around You

This picture is of a mutli-family complex that is completely built of light-weight wood frame.  It is important for you know what is being built in your jurisdiction and to plan how you will handle an incident at these locations.

Depending on what jurisdiction your in, this building may not be required to be sprinklered based on the number of units and the fire barrier between the “two” buildings.  This is the front of the building and there two sets of stairs you can see on each end.  These stairs may be unprotected and are the only means of egress for the occupants on the upper floor.

There are balconies on both sides of this building and you must do a 360 to ensure you don’t have trapped occupants out of plain sight.  Now, as far as firefighting goes; if you are going to make an attack or search on the upper units, ladders must be placed in as many locations as possible for a secondary means of egress.  This is crucial in a building like this.  If those stairs are compromised, you have to have an alternate means of escape.  It is prudent to protect the stairs with crews with at least a 1 3/4″ handline if not a 2 1/2″ line.

Take some time and visit these sites. Even if you don’t do inpsections and plan reviews, get out and learn about these buildings, it just might save your life.  Stay safe.

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