Routine Preplanning

This picture doesn’t show anything spectactular or out of place.  What it does show is what every community in every jurisdiction has; subdivisions.

These subdivisions will have dozens to hundreds of houses built by a single contractor or just a handful of the same contractors.  These are prime locations for EMS calls.  Those EMS calls are prime times for preplanning these residential occupancies.  Many fire departments do not regulate or permit the construction of single-family construction and therefor we don’t get into these buildings unless there is an emergency, which is sometimes too late.  We have an opportunity to get a good look at building features when we enter these structures for EMS calls.

You don’t have to go snooping around, but you can get a pretty good idea of the layout just from seeing the inside.  You can know where the stairs are and how many bedrooms.  These features will likely be the same or very similar throughout the entire subdivision.  When driving in and out, take the time to look for hydrants and alternate access points.  As always, stay safe and be careful.

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