Safe Crackers

Not a great picture, but, it was fun. The police arrive with a safe from a search of a house. They were suspecting to find some drugs based on their informant. Since they couldn’t shoot the thing open, they did the next best thing; brought it to the fire department.

This safe wasn’t all that big, but we expected the worst and tried the K-12, no dice. Tried the hydraulic cutters on the hinges, didn’t work. Cut the hinge pins with the reciprocating saw, still nothing.

It was genious, one of our guys took the sledge hammer to the handle and it popped right open. Well, besides getting some training on our tools, there was over $50,000 in drugs and money in the safe along with 3 hand guns. What a wonderful world. Stay safe and remember, you never know what you will run into.


  • Mr. 618 says:

    Probably wouldn't have been as much fun, but wouldn't taking the safe to a locksmith have been easier and (probably) cheaper? Most locksmiths I know will do openings free for the cops if the cops show a warrant.

  • dc802 says:

    Hey, don't ruin our good time. It was sort of comical, police show up city works truck and this safe, and we see how many ways we can dismantle it. All it needed was a good wack with a hammer. Go figure.

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