How Could They Think This was Okay?

Okay, this morning I’m taking my kids to school and I have to pass this new McDonald’s in our jurisdiction. I have done inspections and the plan review, so I know what is supposed to be happening here.

As I pass by I look to the left to see the progress and I see this. How in the world can anyone think that this is okay? The original was torn down and the new building rebuilt right where it’s at.

We made them add an additional hydrant to be the committed water supply for the new sprinkler system, so the one you see in the pictures is for suppression.

Even if your jurisdiction does not do formal inspections or plan reviews, pay attention to these details. If this was your only hydrant you would be delayed at best, maybe even unaware that the hydrant was there. Make sure your crews know these situations and try to change them when they are found.

We all know how these places are built and how they don’t stay up when they burn.

The end result here is that they are being made to move the fence or the hydrant, their choice.
BTW, the back side of the hydrant is a cemetery, so no access from that side. Stay safe and be careful out there.


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