The next several blogs are going to come from class that I am creating that raises the importance of company inspections and how they affect our suppression efforts.

As you can see in this picture, the FDC is blocked and was difficult to see from the road. Add night conditions and an ill prepared fire company may have a difficult time finding this important fire suppression tool.

This could result in rapid fire growth while crews are trying to reach the main fire area, unaware that the connection isn’t being made and the system not being supported.

These important systems must be identified and kept maintained. Routine fire inspections will eliminate these hazards and return visits may be necessary. Stay safe and EGH.


  • Nicholas says:

    Yep, saw a high-rise apartment fire almost get out of control because the first-due engine had no idea where the FDC for the standpipe was. We were very lucky!

  • dc802 says:

    This is a constant issue with some of these occupancies. We have adopted an ordinance that requires all new buildings and remodels to install a strobe light above the FDC to be interconnected with the flow alarm. This allows good a visual up high if the FDC is not easily seen.

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