EHT Episode 46: Questions and Answers about Search

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We must train as much as possible on our search techniques.  We just aren’t that good as a fire service.  In this episode the guys discuss some questions about prior podcasts on search.  Take a listen and share.

EHT Episode 41, Search Part 2

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Here is part 2 of search with the group.  There is some great information in here and you don’t want to miss it.

EHT Episode 40–Truck Work Part 6: Search and Rescue Part 1

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  In this episode the group discusses some basics of search and rescue. As you can guess, this is a topic that provides a great many avenues and options.  The critical nature of this tactic is why we do what we do–to save lives. What may seem simple and easy is really a skill that […]

BC Development Class—Online

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  The next online Battalion Chief Development class will start September 17, 2018.  This class runs about 4 times per year and fills every class.  There are 30 seats available and first come, first serve rules. This is primarily the administrative side of the job and dealing with the new roles and responsibilities that can […]

Is it Really That Bad?

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  It’s been a while since I posted on here just for the sake of having an opinion, but there has been something bothering me.  I read other blog posts, articles, watch live Facebook videos and hear about how there is no Brotherhood.  I listen to the rants of how this ‘new’ generation just doesn’t […]

Ground Ladders Part 2 : Podcast from Engine House Training

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 Join us again with Part 2 on ground ladders. The group will discuss deployment, ladder choice and some common sense ideas for using ground ladders, no matter the size or location of your department.    

EHT Episode 38–Truck Ops Part 4–Ground Ladders Part 1

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  This is part one of the use of ground ladders.  In this episode we discuss the challenges of where we store them, deploying them and some of the small nuances that can make all the difference in your ground ladder uses. No matter how large or small your department, you will be faced with […]

EHT Episode 37–Truck Work Part 3-Forcible Entry

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In this episode the group discusses forcible entry for success on any fireground. Whether you’re urban, suburban or rural–the skills set is the same and the challenge of getting in and out are critical to our success.   Listen in and share!

Truck Ops Part 2-EHT Episode 036

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  This episode discusses the transitioning from an engine or other company to the truck company.  Your panel discusses the differences you can expect when operating on a truck company as opposed to the engine. The experience of the panel offers a unique perspective that can be applied to any department.  Remember, it’s not the […]

Truck Ops Podcast Series–Episode 1 from Engine House Training

Entry Img     This is the first in a series of podcasts from Engine House Training, LLC that will discuss Truck Work.  We will be creating these series of podcasts on everything operational over the next several weeks and months.  So, be sure to stay tuned in for many more informational and fun podcasts on […]

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